Lotus Emeya: The Fully Electric Hyper-GT

Published: 12/14/2023

Lotus Emeya The Fully Electric Hyper-GT

Lotus Emeya: The Fully Electric Hyper-GT

The Exceptionally Engineering Lotus Emeya EV Sedan

In Naples, Florida, you’ll find supercars like the Lotus Eletre crossover SUV and the upcoming Lotus Emeya at Lotus of Naples. These exceptionally equipped EVs are designed to blow the competition away. The newest addition to the Lotus lineup is the upcoming Lotus Emeya, and this outstanding electric four-door sedan is anything but boring.

It’s loaded with performance-tuned power features as well as slinky styling and innovative technology. In typical Lotus style, this EV will be truly fun to drive, and you’ll find it at Lotus of Naples in late 2024.

Powering the Emeya with Horsepower to Envy

The Lotus Emeya might have four doors, but it has the heart of a sports car. It has two electric motors to deliver a heart-pumping all-wheel-drive experience. The entry-level model will deliver 603 horsepower, while the performance-tuned models deliver 905 horsepower, 985 lb-ft of torque, and 62 MPH time of 2.8 seconds. You’ll get a rollercoaster take-off in a pleasingly silent package.

The dual-motor performance-tuned Lotus Emeya R has a two-speed transmission, in a similar style to the Porsche Taycan turbo (which will be its nearest rival). The Lotus Emeya range is around 304 miles on a single charge thanks to its beefy 102.0-kWh battery pack that can be charged with a Level 2 or Level 3 DC fast charger. The Emeya R has a top speed of 155 MPH, which is plenty fast for the smooth roads in South Florida.

The Posh Emeya Interior Tech and Comfort Features

The Lotus Emeya interior features a massive 15.1-inch touchscreen infotainment system with all the bells and whistles. Lotus claims that a 55.0-inch augmented-reality head-up display will be available in the electric sedan. Interior photos also show a small touchscreen for passengers, giving them access to navigation and entertainment features.

To enhance the ride and air suspension, the Lotus Emeya has posh interior features made of Nappa leather, upscale upcycled textiles, and carbon fiber. On the outside, the Emeya looks like nothing else on the road today. It features an aggressive pair of dual LED headlights, a sloping engine compartment, a class-leading rear spoiler, and a unique horizontal rear LED brake light.

Everything about the Lotus Emeya active aerodynamic exterior is designed to enhance the performance to get the most from the dual electric motors and powerful battery pack.

Order Your Emeya at Lotus of Naples Near Marco Island and Fort Myers Beach

With its beautiful exterior, posh interior, and supercar performance features, the Lotus Emeya won’t last long. You can order your Emeya at Lotus of Naples, either through our website or by visiting our dealership in Naples, Florida, in person. Our team can help you choose the trim level with the features and power you want, and our finance department can build a loan or lease.

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