Maintenance Tips for Exotic Car Owners

Published: 12/15/2023

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Maintenance Tips For Exotic Car Owners

Exotic Car Maintenance In Naples, FL

After you’ve fulfilled your dream of owning an exceptional exotic supercar, the next step is to learn to take care of it. Exotic car service is slightly different from servicing a sports car or luxury car. Most exotic cars are built by hand, so they need special servicing to keep them running at their best.

Whether you drive a Bentley, Rolls Royce, Ferrari, or other exotic vehicle, the best place for exotic car service and tire care in southern Florida is Naples Motorsports. Our team is trained to work with the high-performance models that many drivers only dream of.

Pay Attention To Sensations And Sounds

Driving an exotic car isn’t the same as driving a model from a major manufacturer. It’s helpful to learn how to handle the power and performance features so you don’t damage the car. Once you’ve mastered it, you’ll become familiar with the sensations and sounds of a typical outing.

It’s important to pay attention to anything out of the ordinary, even if it doesn’t trigger a sensor. With an exotic car, it’s better to be safe than sorry, and let the service team at Naples Motorsports check out your concerns before they become serious problems.

Precision-engineered exotic cars have so much power that they can go through tires faster than a typical automobile. When you need tire care, we recommend you visit Naples Motorsports for a tire check. Our certified technicians can check tire pressure, wear and tear, and tread depth to determine if it’s time to replace damaged tires.

With exotic cars, it’s better to be proactive as tires wear quickly, and improperly inflated tires and mixed tread wear can result in flat tires that can damage the drive train and alignment.

Caring For The Exterior And Interior

Along with the hand-built powertrain, your exotic car has exceptional interior and exterior finishes. Keeping the interior and exterior clean and waxed will help it last longer. Do not bring it to an automated car wash, as the brushes and sprays could damage the finish. Find someone who knows how to hand wash an exotic car, especially a professional who uses pH-balanced cleaning products without abrasive ingredients.

It’s also important to store your exotic car in a climate-controlled storage space to protect it from extreme weather. The controlled environment will keep the finishes in premium condition. If you live along the coast, consider storing it in a raised garage to prevent water damage from flooding.

Choose The Service Center At Naples Motorsports Near Bonita Springs

Near Fort Myers Beach, Naples Motorsports is the top spot for exotic car maintenance. Our team can take care of everything from checking your tire inflation pressure to repairing hand-built transmissions and engine blocks. While your vehicle is in our care, we can arrange for a luxury car rental. When you book your appointment, let us know you need to rent a car.

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